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Stay ahead of unexpected moments —
Prepare your pup with The Uh-Oh Kit!

We love our dogs and their free spirits, but sometimes a nose for adventure sniffs out unexpected trouble. From devouring dangerous objects to allergic reactions — when your pup messes up, we want you to be prepared.

Introducing The Uh-Oh Kit for Dogs: The essential Veterinary-guided at-home solution to instantly address everyday pet ailments and mishaps, providing peace of mind and timely relief for your canine companion!

Inspired by the dogs we love

Adorable and adventurous, these dogs are guiding our movement to better prepare pet parents for the unexpected.

Sydney the Australian Shepherd is excited about everything, and she’s ready to tell you about it – loudly. As a puppy, however, her enthusiasm came to an abrupt stop each time she was asked to go on a car ride. Some young pups just don’t have the stomach for it, and three turns into any drive, Sydney would let her parents know. Fortunately, her veterinarian suggested something to help with her motion sickness, and after a few spew-less trips, Sydney became an ideal car ride companion.
This Australian Shepherd suffered from motion sickness when she went for car rides as a puppy. Dog’s symptoms of nausea include excessive drooling, burping, heaving, vomiting and dizziness. The Uh-Oh Kit's Quell Queasiness stopped her nausea in its tracks
Best physically described as a small pony, Fergie enjoys a modest amount of horsing around. Left unattended, he consumed an unknown quantity of ibuprofen, and his parents were directed by their veterinarian to give him hydrogen peroxide to expel it before it was digested. They quickly found an open, expired bottle and tried to give him some. Unfortunately, their too-easily-accessible medicine cabinet did not have a syringe, so they tried to pour it in his mouth. Fergie “neighed” that idea, and the family had to head to the veterinarian’s office immediately.
When this big dog ate a big bottle of pills, his family called Animal Poison Control and reached for hydrogen peroxide to have him regurgitate the dangerous medicine quickly. Hydrogen peroxide and a 20mL oral syringe are included in The Uh-Oh Kit.
Ursa is a gentle giant who searches for snuggles in a major way. Feeling a bit homesick on vacation and away from her mom, she once faced the sweet temptation of a box of raisins. Quick thinking and a few attempts to administer hydrogen peroxide limited the trouble on the way to their vet. Ask her about it and she’ll tell you two things: It’s best to be prepared, and dried fruit is for the birds!
Ursa is a big sweetie with a big sweet tooth. After sniffing out some raisins, her appetite got the best of her. Raisins are extremely dangerous for dogs. Expel Quickly and a large oral syringe make getting your dog to throw up in an emergency easier.
Winnie is a model dog in appearance and temperament most days, but evidently this sweet girl has a bit of a sweet tooth. After sneaking some of her mom’s leftover lemon bars once, things went sour quickly. How was Winnie to know this tart treat would make her certifiably photogenic face swell? With a bit of veterinarian recommended antihistamine and a close eye on her breathing, she safely returned to being a picture-perfect pup.
Food allergies, contact allergies — dogs are not immune to histamines. Winnie is allergic to lemons and experienced swelling, itching, hives and red skin. Her veterinarian recommend Curb Allergic Reactions (diphenhydramine) to treat her allergic reaction.

What our customers are saying


Our Puppylation health kit was so helpful in guiding my decision making with a recent injury with our pup. Thanks to the supplies and easy to follow guide, I was able to determine the best course of action and it gave me significant peace of mind. Highly recommend!

Handsome fellas Cash and Finn are living their best life in Puppylation Health swag
Anna M.
Cash and Finn

The uh-oh kit is a wonderful just-in-case kit for my pooch. The instructions for use are easy to follow and are useful! I was able to use the recommendation in the kit, in conjunction with my vet, to help with my dog's very upset tummy. Having everything all in one spot for a myriad of common issues will be useful for years to come. Excellent product and awesome design!

A happy canine customer poses with her customized Uh-Oh Kit.
Nate M.

Having this kit gives me a peace of mind I didn't have before and I wished I would have had it when my pup was younger! Knowing I now have a 'medicine cabinet' for Rowan that can keep me from running to the vet at every upset tummy is such a relief. The kit is fully stocked with supplies and so much info if your dog could had thumbs and could read they could administer it themselves! Also A++ for the esthetic and ability to customize

Rowan the dog poses with his custom Uh-Oh Kit. His parents appreciate the peace of mind the product has provided.
Megan S.

We love our kit! Ordering and delivery were super easy, and all the meds are clearly labeled. There is a helpful guidebook/journal combo that comes with all the medicines, too. Highly recommended!

Fluffy red and white akita-shepherd mix Winnie inspects her new, custom Uh-Oh Kit with a sniff.
Nick C.

Hats off to Puppylation Health for a wonderful product! We have two pups in our home and having a go-to kit for their health emergencies brings us peace of mind, should they get sick. In addition to clearly marked medicines and use instructions, there is wealth of knowledge to help assess almost every health issue I can think of and helpful topics to discuss with your vet. I would not hesitate to buy this kit again. Thank you!!

Aussie Royce hopes to never need her Uh-Oh Kit, but she's ready for any allergy or tummy troubles that come her way.
Terri H.