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@erdvm Not sponsored I just love this kit and idea! The booklet is amazing too. #veterinarymedicine ♬ original sound - Emergency Veterinarian
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The Uh-Oh Kit
Kayla Kulhanek
As a veterinarian, I love the fact that the Uh-Oh Kit exists!

As a veterinarian, I love the fact that the Uh-Oh Kit exists! It provides fast, simple to understand and trusted veterinarian guidelines and tools, for many of the common issues that unexpectedly pop-up in our pet patients. Having this Kit can take the stress out of a sudden Uh-Oh and help to provide the quickest, safest at-home relief for pets.

The Uh-Oh Kit
KristyAnn Brock, DVM CCRP CVA
Review from a General Practice Veterinarian

I am very impressed with the Uh-oh kit. It is an emergency product you should have but hope you never have to use. I always wanted to put together an emergency kit for my own dogs, but never had the time or bandwidth to put one together. I now know that if my own pets have an issue, I can rest assured that my husband can easily find any item we may need if I am not home. I was so impressed with the kit that I also gifted my family with kits. I really love the informational cards that help clients assess vitals to determine if they should go to the emergency clinic vs. try one of the over-the-counter products. The kit is very organized with color coded labels & it also comes with color coordinated information cards regarding dosage. For my clients, I can rest assured they have the right medication and not have to assume they picked up the correct product at the pharmacy. The approval process for the kit is quite easy as well. Overall, the kit is a great addition to our primary care practice!

I got this as a gift for my friend who has 3 rescues and fosters puppies. Puppylation helped me surprise her & walked me through the easy process. I gave it to her 48 hours ago and shes already used it!! Highly recommend to all dog owners!

The Uh-Oh Kit
Must have!

I absolutely love this box. I gave a 4 star because I feel like it should have been packaged better. Whoever packaged mine just did it way too fast or something because it was ripped on the inside and on the outside. You should take more time to package orders. That way when we get them it won't come ripped at all it'll be nice and neat

Hi Jessica! Thank you for the review. We apologize for the damage to the interior of the box. We are sending a new box for your Uh-Oh Kit items now!

The Uh-Oh Kit
maggie P.
Great product, with many helpful

Great product, with many helpful items to have on hand. 

The Uh-Oh Kit
Melissa D.
This is perfect for any

This is perfect for any uh ohs! We don’t have an emergency vet and this gives me peace of mind for our furbabies until we can get them to the vet if needed

Wish I had this a long time ago!

Having this kit gives me a peace of mind I didn't have before and I wished I would have had it when my pup was younger! Knowing I now have a 'medicine cabinet' for Rowan that can keep me from running to the vet at every upset tummy is such a relief. The kit is fully stocked with supplies and so much info if your dog could had thumbs and could read they could administer it themselves! Also A++ for the esthetic and ability to customize

The Uh-Oh Kit
Denny M.
A must have for healthy pups!

We love our Puppylation Health Uh Oh Kit! Everything inside is well organized and the directions are easy to understand, which is so important in case of emergencies. You can tell that everything included was chosen with care by experienced pet lovers. This kit is the perfect addition to our family's hurricane emergency pack. The personalization is a nice touch and adds the extra layer of safe picture identification for our pups! We would recommend that every dog owner get a kit for life's little adventures.

Love our Uh-Oh kit! Somehow my dogs always get into something or get sick right as the vet closes on Friday evenings. When Im in a panic to resolve an issue with them, I dont always have the capacity to run to the store for a med or figure out dosage of meds for them. But the kit does it for me! Its saved us from stress or an expensive ER vet visit on a couple of occasions!

We are so glad it has helped you and your girls, Peach and Shelby!

We took our two pups on a road trip right after Thanksgiving. One of them typically gets car sick. We gave her a dose of Quell Queasiness from the UhOh kit and we had no issues. We brought the nice compact kit along with us in case we had any other mishaps! I highly recommend getting this great kit for your pup children!

We are so glad to hear it helped you on your roadtrip! Motion sickness is never fun, and I'm sure your pupper was grateful for your preparedness. Lots of dogs go through a car sickness phase in their younger years. Fingers crossed that's the case here!

What a great idea! Everyone should have one of these in their home. First aid/emergency kit for your pet!

We are so happy Dolly has her kit!

The Uh-Oh Kit

This is a great kit for all pups! We feel at ease knowing we have options to help our dogs in case of an oops. The directions are very clear and the kit is user friendly. Highly recommend!

We are so glad The Uh-Oh Kit has brought you some peace of mind. Thank you for your review!

The Uh-Oh Kit
Terri H.
A must have for pet lovers!

Hats off to Puppylation Health for a wonderful product! We have two pups in our home and having a go-to kit for their health emergencies brings us peace of mind,should they get sick. In addition to clearly marked medicines and use instructions, there is wealth of knowledge to help assess almost every health issue I can think of and helpful topics to discuss with your vet. I would not hesitate to buy this kit again. Thank you!!

You don't think you need it, until you REALLY need it!

Luckily my dogs are normally very healthy and only need to go to the vet for routine visits. I have had a couple of times though where they eat something on the weekend or in the middle of the night and have not been doing well. Our options are to drive over an hour to a 24 hour vet and pay crazy prices when it may be minor or wait for the vet to open and accept that my pup is just going to feel crappy until then.

Now with the Uh Oh Kit, I feel like I have a place to start. It has such great information and some vet approved over the counter medicines to treat mild symptom that either don't need a vet visit or that can get us through until the vet opens. Great product!

A lovely product

The uh-oh kit is a wonderful just-in-case kit for my pooch. The instructions for use are easy to follow and are useful! I was able to use the recommendation in the kit, in conjunction with my vet, to help with my dog's very upset tummy. Having everything all in one spot for a myriad of common issues will be useful for years to come. Excellent product and awesome design!

Our Puppylation health kit was so helpful in guiding my decision making with a recent injury with our pup. Thanks to the supplies and easy to follow guide, I was able to determine the best course of action and it gave me significant peace of mind. Highly recommend!

Thank you for your review, Anna! The boys look so handsome in their bandanas. We are glad Cash is feeling better and wasn't too bothered by getting his temperature checked.

This is just the best idea! I have so much peace of mind knowing that I've got the medications and detailed instructions to help my pup if something happens. In a situation like that, having everything ready makes so much of a difference. The kit is easy to use and the instructions are so clear!

We are glad to hear The Uh-Oh Mugsy Kit has brought some peace of mind and preparedness for your family.

We love our kit! Ordering and delivery were super easy, and all the meds are clearly labeled. There is a helpful guidebook/journal combo that comes with all the medicines, too. Highly recommended!

Thank you, Nick! We are so glad you like The Uh-Oh Winnie Kit!