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Must-Have for your Pup!

We recently purchased the Uh-Oh kit from Puppylation Health and we couldn't be happier with our decision. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that we can take care of our doggo's minor allergies, upset stomach and more in the convenience of our own home! The products are the highest quality and the information provided with the kit is incredibly helpful. We highly recommend the Uh-Oh kit from Puppylation Health to anyone looking to give their pup the best start in life! Thank you, Puppylation Health, for providing such a valuable and comprehensive kit!

Madeline Fiore
Cutest/most helpful kit to have for pups!

This kit is super cute, easy to use/understand and so helpful to have on hand for possible emergencies!!


Love it it’s worth every penny

Patricia Richter
A Must-Have for Every Dog Owner!

I can't rave enough about The Uh-Oh Kit from Puppylation Health! It's been a total game changer in helping me manage those ‘oops occurrences’ with my mischievous Aussie. With clear instructions and easy access to OTC meds, it’s like having a Vet in a box making it super easy to navigate common doggy dilemmas!

Kayla Kulhanek
As a veterinarian, I love the fact that the Uh-Oh Kit exists!

As a veterinarian, I love the fact that the Uh-Oh Kit exists! It provides fast, simple to understand and trusted veterinarian guidelines and tools, for many of the common issues that unexpectedly pop-up in our pet patients. Having this Kit can take the stress out of a sudden Uh-Oh and help to provide the quickest, safest at-home relief for pets.

@erdvm Not sponsored I just love this kit and idea! The booklet is amazing too. #veterinarymedicine ♬ original sound - Emergency Veterinarian