Our Story

Dogs are curious, and Kit — a 25lbs beagle mix — is a testament to their resiliency. Her nose for adventure and trouble made her the namesake for The Uh-Oh Kit by Puppylation Health. Be prepared for whatever your dog discovers with The Uh-Oh Kit.

Our Mission

Provide pet parents with easy solutions to over-the-counter emergencies. 

Empowering pet parents, Puppylation Health® is on a mission to simplify 'over-the-counter' pet emergencies. Our name is a nod to "population health," emphasizing community well-being. Guided by a licensed veterinarian, we craft reliable solutions tailored for diverse doggy needs.

Our goal? To equip you with Vet-approved products and clear instructions. We understand the unique needs of your pup and provide sample situations to encourage discussions with your Veterinarian. Be prepared for any situation – Puppylation Health is here to elevate your pet's healthcare experience. With The Uh-Oh Kit, you can now take the lead in your pup's well-being with confidence and ease.

Our Values

We value pets, people who care for them, and the planet we share together.

Every person and animal deserves reliable healthcare, and we want to invest in communities that uphold these values. We are committed to financially supporting organizations that promote sustainability and provide essential services for animals and their healthcare providers. A portion of our profits are donated to organizations that support these missions.

Puppylation Health supports Not One More Vet's mission to transform the status of mental wellness within the veterinary profession with one percent of all sales.

In addition to sourcing recycled and sustainable products and packaging when possible, one percent of all sales support environmental non-profits and carbon-neutral shipping!

The Humane Society of Missouri is one of several animal-focused charities we support. One percent of all sales are donated to non profits that support animals directly.

Our Team

Emergency veterinarian Nicolette Meredith has been making a difference in the lives of pets and their parents for almost a decade. She loves her clients and her furry companion, Finn.

Dr. Nikki Meredith and Finn

Dr. Meredith is an emergency veterinarian with endless patience. Inspired by a love of animals and the urge to improve humans’ understanding of animal healthcare, a young Nikki carved a path for herself to veterinary medicine more than a decade ago.

She regularly helps people navigate tricky — and sometimes surprisingly common — situations with their pets. She never knows what is going to happen day to day, and she loves her work. However, she believes in the importance of lessening the burden on emergency hospitals. With Puppylation Health and The Uh-Oh Kit, Dr. Meredith hopes to help pet parents better understand their companions’ healthcare.

Samantha Long took a step back from her career to let her dog Kit take the lead. With the goal to make pet healthcare more accessible to all, Sam and Kit have embarked on a new adventure called Puppylation Health with their long-time friend, Dr. Meredith.

Samantha Long and Kit

Samantha worked in human healthcare supply chain for the better part of a decade. Not far behind the start of her career was her adoption of Kit, a four-legged companion with a spirited personality. Kit was never particularly interested in Samantha’s data-centric line of work and often employed her sense of curiosity sniffing out trouble. 

Kit’s veterinarian has always been helpful, but after a few too many after-hours incidents and emergency calls to Dr. Nikki Meredith, Kit’s unofficial medicine cabinet inspired a movement to better prepare pet parents.