Supporting Your Veterinary Practice

Created by a veterinarian, The Uh-Oh Kit was intentionally designed to enhance your practice's connection with clients.

In the dynamic realm of veterinary medicine and client interactions, The Uh-Oh Kit heightens the accessibility and promptness of your practice's veterinary care. Simultaneously, it upholds the quality of information and strengthens each VCPR (Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship), ensuring a compelling and enduring connection with your clientele.

Balance Market Demands

Dog owners are looking for low-cost, trustworthy and instantaneous information to be more proactive with their pet's health.

The Uh-Oh Kit can help your clinic increase the accessibility and immediacy of care, while enhancing the veterinary-client patient relationship. Empower your clients with a platform that provides quality information approved by you, enabling them to better manage their pet's health.

When veterinarians effectively communicate with clients and share their knowledge, they build trust that leads to time saved, better outcomes and faster interventions. Through this, pet health is maintained and veterinary client retention improves.

Embrace Demographic Changes

The changing landscape of dog ownership demographics is significant as it reflects a shift in the way pet health matters are handled. Post-pandemic, Millennials have emerged as the primary cohort with the highest percentage of pet ownership, while Gen Z dog pet ownership is steadily increasing.

These generations are more inclined to take proactive measures in addressing urgent pet health issues on their own. As a result, there's a growing need for veterinary practices to adapt, providing resources and solutions that align with the self-sufficiency and engagement levels of these new-age pet owners. Understanding and catering to these demographic shifts is essential for veterinary professionals to maintain relevance and effectively meet the evolving expectations of their clientele.

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Veterinary Consent Process

When your client places an order with us, we will send you a form to review and provide feedback on The Uh-Oh Kit for their dog.
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We have wholesale Uh-Oh Kits can be customized to include your veterinary practice's information for your clients.

Custom-Branded Kits for your Clinic

Empower clients to follow your recommendations about their dog's health with a kit branded by your veterinary practice.
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