Supporting Your Veterinary Practice

Created by a veterinarian, The Uh-Oh Kit was intentionally designed to enhance your practice's connection with clients.

In the ever-changing landscape of veterinary medicine and customer relationships, The Uh-Oh Kit increases the accessibility and immediacy of your practice's veterinary care while maintaining information quality and reinforcing each VCPR.

Embrace Demographic Changes

Demographics and accessibility to information are changing for dog owners

Millennials have the highest percent of pet ownership of any generation today

Gen Z pet ownership will steadily increase as many become adults in the next few years

Millennials have the highest percent of pet ownership today at 32 percent, and Gen Z's pet ownership is growing from 14% as they reach adulthood.
The Uh-Oh Kit provides veterinarians a platform between in-person visits and virtual connection, where customers can receive accurate and consistent information that is inexpensive, accessible and immediate.
When veterinarians effectively communicate with clients and share their knowledge, they build trust that leads to time saved, better outcomes and faster interventions. Through this, pet health is maintained and veterinary client retention improves.
Veterinarians have twice the turnover rate of medical doctors, and veterinary technicians have a turnover rate of 25 percent, which is among the highest of any medical profession.

Reduce Turnover

Veterinary medicine has a higher turnover rate than other healthcare professions

Decrease team turnover by freeing up veterinary care professionals for the work that uses their education and skills

Source: JAVMA News — "Are we in a veterinary workforce crisis?"

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Veterinary Consent Process

When your client places an order with us, we will send you a form to review and provide feedback on The Uh-Oh Kit for their dog.
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We have wholesale Uh-Oh Kits can be customized to include your veterinary practice's information for your clients.

Custom-Branded Kits for your Clinic

Empower clients to follow your recommendations about their dog's health with a kit branded by your veterinary practice.
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