The Uh-Oh Kit

The Uh-Oh Kit, Puppylation Health's canine preparedness kit, is packed with essentials like over-the-counter meds and clear instructions to guide you through your everyday pup pickles!
The Uh-Oh Kit contains an array of over-the-counter medications labeled specifically for dogs. Be prepared for allergies, stomach upsets, and an array of other symptoms with The Uh-Oh Kit.
The Uh-Oh Kit
The Uh-Oh Kit can be customized to your dog. Just slide in their photo or have us do it for you, and everyone will know where to go when your dog gets into trouble.
Fluffy red and white akita-shepherd mix Winnie inspects her new, custom Uh-Oh Kit with a sniff.
One Uh-Oh Kit can be used for all of the dogs in your family. Big or small, single or a pack, we have your petastrophies covered.
Aussie Royce hopes to never need her Uh-Oh Kit, but she's ready for any allergy or tummy troubles that come her way.
The Uh-Oh Kit is a one-stop medicine cabinet for your pup. With guidance reviewed by your veterinarian and a few supplies to help, your dog's mischief is managed.
The Uh-Oh Kit

The Uh-Oh Kit

Have a trouble-seeking pup? Keep calm and unleash the magic of The Uh-Oh Kit, Puppylation Health's top-dog remedy!  It's like a personalized medicine cabinet for your furry friend, designed by a licensed veterinarian.

This canine preparedness kit is packed with essential over-the-counter meds, clear instructions with proper dosages, and 'use cases' for quick informed action – located all in one place to guide you through your everyday pup pickles!

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The Uh-Oh Kit is designed with your dog in mind. It’s a convenient, portable kit where your pup’s important documents, veterinary contact information, instructions for care and OTC essentials can stay organized.

Essential OTC Remedies that:

  • Manage Common Allergies (Loratadine)
  • Curb Allergic Reactions (Diphenhydramine)
  • Readjust Upset Tummies (Probiotic)
  • Tackle Gastrointestinal Upset (Famotidine)
  • Quell Queasiness (Meclizine)
  • Expel Quickly (Hydrogen Peroxide)

Medical Supplies:

  • Pill Splitter
  • 20 mL Oral Syringe
  • 10-second Thermometer
  • Latex-Free Gloves
  • Alcohol Prep Pads
  • Lubricating Jelly

Veterinary-Led Guidance:

A complete booklet, written by an ER veterinarian, covering dosing, when to go to the ER and normal vital signs.

PLUS… the kit includes dedicated storage for veterinary contact cards, vital sign tracking record, and customization options to showcase your pup's image. Because your cherished companion deserves more than just care; they deserve a tailor-made touch of love in every detail.

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Before each order is completed, we reach out to the veterinary office associated with the purchase. We do this to ensure a veterinary client-patient relationship has been established and that they are aware of the product and have an opportunity to provide input on the recommendations we include in our product, especially in consideration to each dog’s health and preexisting conditions.

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The Uh-Oh Kit is not a substitute for veterinary care. Use of the product and information should always be directed by your veterinarian.

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Our products and resources are not a substitute for veterinary care. Just as you would discuss with your personal doctor any over-the-counter medications you plan to take, discuss with your veterinarian potential situations in which The Uh-Oh Kit may be needed before each use.

We provide guidance on standard treatments, recommended dosages by weight and healthy vital sign ranges for most dogs, but we know each dog is special with their own unique health history and needs. Confirm and document with your pup’s veterinarian prior to any use of information or products from The Uh-Oh Kit important information specific to your pup including:

  • Pre-existing conditions that impact treatment
  • Healthy vital sign ranges
  • Dosages of each medication

Do not administer medications or techniques without first consulting with a veterinarian. Failure to consult with your veterinarian before use of The Uh-Oh Kit on your dog may result in severe injury or death to your dog, and doing so is done solely at your risk.

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Finally, a convienent medicine cabinet for your dog.

× Is your pup causing chaos after your vet's office hours?
× Emergency clinics can cost a fortune…
Now there is a convenient, affordable solution that allows you to take charge in an instant!

Designed by a licensed veterinarian, The Uh-Oh Kit contains over-the-counter meds, tools and resources to help you prepare for your next 'petastrophe' with the guidance of a veterinarian. It even includes sample situations and suggestions that you can talk through with your vet during your dog’s next annual visit — before trouble arises.

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Digital Gift Card - Gift a Kit!

Digital Gift Card - Gift a Kit!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Must-Have for your Pup!

We recently purchased the Uh-Oh kit from Puppylation Health and we couldn't be happier with our decision. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that we can take care of our doggo's minor allergies, upset stomach and more in the convenience of our own home! The products are the highest quality and the information provided with the kit is incredibly helpful. We highly recommend the Uh-Oh kit from Puppylation Health to anyone looking to give their pup the best start in life! Thank you, Puppylation Health, for providing such a valuable and comprehensive kit!

Madeline Fiore
Cutest/most helpful kit to have for pups!

This kit is super cute, easy to use/understand and so helpful to have on hand for possible emergencies!!


Love it it’s worth every penny

Patricia Richter
A Must-Have for Every Dog Owner!

I can't rave enough about The Uh-Oh Kit from Puppylation Health! It's been a total game changer in helping me manage those ‘oops occurrences’ with my mischievous Aussie. With clear instructions and easy access to OTC meds, it’s like having a Vet in a box making it super easy to navigate common doggy dilemmas!

Kayla Kulhanek
As a veterinarian, I love the fact that the Uh-Oh Kit exists!

As a veterinarian, I love the fact that the Uh-Oh Kit exists! It provides fast, simple to understand and trusted veterinarian guidelines and tools, for many of the common issues that unexpectedly pop-up in our pet patients. Having this Kit can take the stress out of a sudden Uh-Oh and help to provide the quickest, safest at-home relief for pets.

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