The Uh-Oh Kit

The Uh-Oh Kit
The Uh-Oh Kit contains an array of over-the-counter medications labeled specifically for dogs. Be prepared for allergies, stomach upsets, and an array of other symptoms with The Uh-Oh Kit.
The Uh-Oh Kit
The Uh-Oh Kit can be customized to your dog. Just slide in their photo or have us do it for you, and everyone will know where to go when your dog gets into trouble.
Fluffy red and white akita-shepherd mix Winnie inspects her new, custom Uh-Oh Kit with a sniff.
One Uh-Oh Kit can be used for all of the dogs in your family. Big or small, single or a pack, we have your petastrophies covered.
Aussie Royce hopes to never need her Uh-Oh Kit, but she's ready for any allergy or tummy troubles that come her way.
The Uh-Oh Kit is a one-stop medicine cabinet for your pup. With guidance reviewed by your veterinarian and a few supplies to help, your dog's mischief is managed.
The Uh-Oh Kit

The Uh-Oh Kit

The Uh-Oh Kit, Puppylation Health's flagship product, is a customizable medicine cabinet for your dog. Designed by a licensed veterinarian, The Uh-Oh Kit contains an array of over-the-counter medicines, instructions including proper dosages and use cases, and many other things to help you through some non-emergent emergencies. If your pup has a nose for trouble, be prepared with The Uh-Oh Kit.

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Veterinary Review Process

Our products are designed to be used with the guidance of you dog's veterinarian. Once your order is placed, we will contact your veterinarian for approval.

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The Uh-Oh Kit is not a substitute for veterinary care. Use of the product and information should always be directed by your veterinarian.

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Our products and resources are not a substitute for veterinary care. Just as you would discuss with your personal doctor any over-the-counter medications you plan to take, discuss with your veterinarian potential situations in which The Uh-Oh Kit may be needed before each use.

We provide guidance on standard treatments, recommended dosages by weight and healthy vital sign ranges for most dogs, but we know each dog is special with their own unique health history and needs. Confirm and document with your pup’s veterinarian prior to any use of information or products from The Uh-Oh Kit important information specific to your pup including:

  • Pre-existing conditions that impact treatment
  • Healthy vital sign ranges
  • Dosages of each medication

Do not administer medications or techniques without first consulting with a veterinarian. Failure to consult with your veterinarian before use of The Uh-Oh Kit on your dog may result in severe injury or death to your dog, and doing so is done solely at your risk.

Information on our site and products is intended for educational purposes only and should not be substituted for medical advice from a veterinarian. Use of Puppylation Health’s site and products does not establish a veterinarian-patient relationship. Use or misuse of any products or information could result in harm or death.

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The Uh-Oh Kit, its components, and all written instructions are intended only for canine use with the prior direction of a licensed veterinarian. Puppylation Health LLC is not responsible for misuse of its products or information on its products or website.

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Before each order is completed, we reach out to the veterinary office associated with the purchase. We do this to ensure a veterinary client-patient relationship has been established and that they are aware of the product and have an opportunity to provide input on the recommendations we include in our product, especially in consideration to each dog’s health and preexisting conditions.

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You have a medicine cabinet — Your dog needs one too

Most pet parents can recall a time when they found themselves underprepared and uninformed about a pet predicament. We may have the necessary products and knowledge to address the situation if a person was affected, but when it comes to animals, it’s a whole different ballgame. 

If your dog has ever “conveniently” gotten into trouble outside of your veterinarian’s normal business hours, you have probably weighed whether to go into the emergency clinic. It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars in a visit only to find out that you could have mitigated or managed the crisis with an “over-the-counter” solution. The next time something happens, you feel more prepared, but when you reach for the medicine cabinet, you aren’t certain what is safe for your dog, let alone what dose to give them. 

Designed by a licensed veterinarian, The Uh-Oh Kit has tools and resources to help you navigate your next petastrophe with the guidance of your veterinarian. It even includes sample situations and suggestions that you can talk through with your vet on your dog’s next annual visit — before trouble arises.

What's in The Uh-Oh Kit?

The Uh-Oh Kit is designed with your dog in mind. It’s a single place where your dog’s important documents, veterinary contact information, instructions for care when you are away, and essentials for an unexpected emergency can stay organized and at the ready. Pop your pup’s photo on the exterior of the box, and let the world know you’re prepared.

  • Five OTC medicines to address gastrointestinal upset and allergens
  • Pill splitter
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Oral syringe
  • Thermometer
  • Latex-free gloves
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Lubricant jelly
  • A pocket to store your dog’s important documents
  • Instructions and suggested dosages for each medicine
  • Directions on how to take and assess important vital signs
  • And most importantly: Suggested topics to discuss with your veterinarian before use

Explore The Uh-Oh Kit

Hover over the information circles in the graphic below to learn more about each component.

Gift a Kit!

Gift a Kit!

Know someone who needs The Uh-Oh Kit?
Send them a certifi-kit!

They can even get free customization on their box if they sign up for updates. They'll enter their pet and vet's information — no extra digging for you – and you get to show your love for them and their pup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kayla Kulhanek
As a veterinarian, I love the fact that the Uh-Oh Kit exists!

As a veterinarian, I love the fact that the Uh-Oh Kit exists! It provides fast, simple to understand and trusted veterinarian guidelines and tools, for many of the common issues that unexpectedly pop-up in our pet patients. Having this Kit can take the stress out of a sudden Uh-Oh and help to provide the quickest, safest at-home relief for pets.

KristyAnn Brock, DVM CCRP CVA
Review from a General Practice Veterinarian

I am very impressed with the Uh-oh kit. It is an emergency product you should have but hope you never have to use. I always wanted to put together an emergency kit for my own dogs, but never had the time or bandwidth to put one together. I now know that if my own pets have an issue, I can rest assured that my husband can easily find any item we may need if I am not home. I was so impressed with the kit that I also gifted my family with kits. I really love the informational cards that help clients assess vitals to determine if they should go to the emergency clinic vs. try one of the over-the-counter products. The kit is very organized with color coded labels & it also comes with color coordinated information cards regarding dosage. For my clients, I can rest assured they have the right medication and not have to assume they picked up the correct product at the pharmacy. The approval process for the kit is quite easy as well. Overall, the kit is a great addition to our primary care practice!


I got this as a gift for my friend who has 3 rescues and fosters puppies. Puppylation helped me surprise her & walked me through the easy process. I gave it to her 48 hours ago and shes already used it!! Highly recommend to all dog owners!

Must have!

I absolutely love this box. I gave a 4 star because I feel like it should have been packaged better. Whoever packaged mine just did it way too fast or something because it was ripped on the inside and on the outside. You should take more time to package orders. That way when we get them it won't come ripped at all it'll be nice and neat

Hi Jessica! Thank you for the review. We apologize for the damage to the interior of the box. We are sending a new box for your Uh-Oh Kit items now!

maggie P.
Great product, with many helpful

Great product, with many helpful items to have on hand. 

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