Veterinary Consent Form

At Puppylation Health, LLC, our goal is to make pet healthcare more attainable for pet parents. We want to encourage and improve relationships between pet parents and their veterinary professionals through our products and materials.

Veterinary-directed use of our products is very important to us. Whether in preparation or in an emergency, Puppylation Health requests that all customers talk with their licensed veterinarian before using any components of the product. Prior to purchase, your client agreed to the following statement:
I understand this product is not a substitute for veterinary care and agree to the terms outlined in Puppylation Health LLC's disclaimer. I will contact my dog's veterinarian before using all products included in this purchase. 
From order placed to checking recommendations with your veterinarian to shipping your Uh-Oh Kit, click to learn more about our order process.

Order and Review Process

From order placed to vet feedback, let us walk you through!
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Our products are designed to increase communication between pet parents and veterinary caregivers, thereby enhancing customer loyalty.

Reinforcing the VCPR

The Uh-Oh Kit is designed to strengthen veterinary client-patient relationships
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